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Field report for IZZA_Sensuall of Colchester Essex
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Telephone: 07756 378646

Visit date: One day in September
The call was an Incall

Duration: 1 hour
Fees: 110

Recommended: Yes
Would Return: Yes

Izza is a slim/petite girl. IMO she is very pretty. She's about 5ft 3/4ins tall, and she looks just like her profile pics, but better in person.
I met IZZA at her apartment on an Incall, which is very nice, clean and discrete.
It was easy for me to find as I have been there before. I go during the evening as I am able to park on one of the side roads close by without the worry of getting a parking ticket. But there is an NCP car park close by where Izza lives, but rip off parking charges!
So there's no problems at all with parking. Also the train and bus stations are only a short distance from where she lives.

IZZA was wearing a black matching bra and panties set when she met me at her door, very sexy! :)
IZZA does look like her profile pics. But she is much better looking in the flesh.

She isn't at all shy, rather she is very friendly, and lovely to converse with, not OTT chatty, and she didn't try wasting time by offering me a massage, which as many of us know, many WGs do.

For a Romanian girl she speaks quite good English. IMO she's a little sweetheart.
You need to be very quiet when entering IZZA'S door, so as not to alert others in the building.
As soon as I stepped into her place, IZZA gave me a big hug, and kiss.
I gave IZZA her dosh, then quickly used the bathroom to splash my boots and wash my hands, I didn't need a shower as I had had one just before leaving home, and I don't live too far away from IZZA'S place.
On coming out of the bathroom, I went straight into IZZA'S bedroom, where we immediately started snogging, (FK) which soon developed into DFK. I groped her all over, paying special attention to that gorgeous peachy little arse of hers, giving it lots of squeezes! :) Oh and of course licking and sucking her nicely sized tits.
In very little time we were both starkers, (sock and all! :) and onto the bed getting down and dirty. I continued French Kissing with her whilst fingering her tight little pussy.
IZZA has a stud/piercing through her tongue, which was a proper turn on, especially when she went down and started sucking me off (OWO)Fantastic! She sucked me off balls deep, and she also gave my nuts a lovely gentle sucking and licking too! Loubberly! :)
After a short time of OWO we went into 69, and her pussy tasted great, nectar! Ultra clean, and very smooth/shaven like a baby's bum, Yummy! :)

After a while of lovely 69, which nearly took me over the edge, I asked IZZA to put a mac onto me so I could fuck her, which she duly obliged.

Forever the gentleman, I asked IZZA which position that she wanted to be fucked in first, she wanted it in doggy. So she applied a small amount of lube (yuk) then she went onto her hands and knees, and I slipped my little fella up into her gorgeous tight little pussy, starting off pumping away nice and slowly, but building up to pounding the life out of her!
I could hear her making soft moaning sounds, which I way prefer to OTT fake screams of delight. So I did feel that she was enjoying getting fucked.
We then went into cowgirl facing, where she rode me like a bucking bronco, occasionally leaning toward me to French Kiss, and I continued to grope her tits whilst she was riding me.
I always love to finish in missionary, so I spun her over and fucked her brains out with her legs both up in the air, then wrapped around my waist.
After a good while of pounding away, I could feel the inevitable rising, so I whipped my todger out of her pussy, pulled off the mac, and shoved my todger into IZZA'S mouth, where she sucked me off until I exploded a massive load into her cute little mouth. She didn't rush to take my todger out of her mouth, she sucked me slowly until every little drop was in her cute little mouth, until I was completely dry.

Whatta great little shag, by a fantastic VFM girl.


Communication; 10/10, perfect, no probs at all, all done via texts and phone calls.

Looks; Although looks are always subjective, I would rate IZZA'S looks at about 7/10.

Body; IMO she's got a gorgeous slim/petite, dress size 8 little body. 10/10

Performance/services; 10/10

Her AW profile/honesty; 10/10

Her AW profile pics are very accurate as to how she actually looks.

Well I have covered all of the services that IZZY provides above.
I'm quite sure that IZZY enjoyed our date (I hope :) But she was happy, and very enthusiastic all of the way through our time together.
Talking about time, I think that I overran a little. There was no clock anywhere in sight in IZZY'S room. I had to ask IZZY the time, as I didn't want to take any liberties with her, as she is such a lovely, friendly, enthusiastic girl. But I do think that I was with her for over my booked time
I could have showered before out time together, but I had only just had one before I left home, and I don't live too far away from IZZY.
Sex with IZZY is simply devine, and if I didn't want to keep her all to myself, I would recommend her to any "Decent" punter.

If you read this IZZT? Thank you so much baby, you are an absolute sweetheart, and I will definitely want to see you again. X R X
This review cannot be guaranteed as 100% accurate in timings or verify any true identity and therefore may not be used for any legal account of any event actually taking place. The names have been changed to protect the innocent.
Report posted on 03:11 PM, 27-09-2017 by Tangerine man
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