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Field report for Paige of Cheshire Elite - Crewe
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Telephone: 01 270 250647

Visit date: Mid August 2017
The call was an Incall

Duration: 30mins
Fees: 50 inc owo

Recommended: Yes
Would Return: Yes

Paige wore a sexy tight fitting dress and lingerie

Had a cracking punt with this lady today, just went on the off chance, as I had already heard it mentioned by another punter that she was good and worth seeing. Well he turned out to be absolutely on the money. This lady is experienced and knows exactly what she is doing and how to satisfy a bloke like me. Wouldn't like to guess at her age but she knows what she is doing. She is certainly a pretty and youthful looking young woman with a great body, nice natural shaped breasts and a top notch attitude to providing a good service.

Her oral skills were really good, ball and shaft licking, spitting, giving everywhere a right good seeing too and a pretty good attempt at deepthroat, until her tonsils wouldn't allow any more down, but she was trying really hard. Great kissing, DFK, light kissing the works. Very slight trace of smoke on her breath, but nothing detrimental.

Paige is definitely into sticking a finger up your bum whilst she is applying all of her skills, in fact I don't usually go for this option, but she was so damned good, I simply couldn't resist. She did it loads and at the appropriate time, particularly at the end of the service and it helped me along with the money shot.

RO was gratefully received by this young woman, also pussy play but no fingering allowed. She was very good at indicating this and it didn't slow things down at all. Onto missionary, my favourite. Legs up, down, kissing, cuddling, plenty of DFK, hand in mouth, gentle restricting, so much fun with legs going all over the place. Doggy at the end of the bed, going at it like a couple of youngsters.

Girl on top, she looked great, nice tits bouncing around giving me all she had got, us both laughing and having fun, riding my cock and getting it in real deep. Then onto the finish line with her giving me a right good seeing too with her wanking and blowing skills, then me finishing by cumming over her body, not forgetting the fingering I was getting. Well that was different and a right good laugh.

Most memorable part of this punt for me, was when Paige really gave my ear a good licking, I can't remember a wg ever doing that before and it was simply great, she did it somewhere near the end and I couldn't help but tell her how much I had enjoyed it, so she did all over again. Silly I know, but it was just the sort of thing a real GF would do when you are a young fella, so I really enjoyed that part, took me back in time.

We both dived in the shower and washed our essentials. Nice attractive woman, who reminds me of a famous actress, really good punt, we must have gone well overtime, no interruption, no rush, so I guess the parlour might have been quiet when I visited.
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Report posted on 10:38 PM, 19-08-2017 by Robert44
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