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Field report for DiamondxxTaniaxx of Colchester (Essex)
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Telephone: 07490569936

Visit date: One Evening in August 2017
The call was an Incall

Duration: 1 hour
Fees: 100

Recommended: Yes
Would Return: Yes

Looks can be subjective, but IMO Tania is a very pretty girl, with a beautiful body, and a pair of tits that are absolutely "amazing" If you are a boob man? You'll love Tania!" You can't see Tania's face in her profile pics, but I for sure wasn't disappointed. She is a beautiful girl, and from what I saw in her profile pics she looks very much the girl in her pics. "Beautiful"
I got to Tania's apartment spot on time, I called her from my car, she gave me her door number and let me in straight away.
When Tania opened her door to me she was at first wearing a pink bath robe, but underneath she was wearing a beautiful black matching bra and panties set. Her bra could barely contain her big beautiful tits, they were bursting to get out! She doesn't say the size of them in her profile, but they must easily be EE's :)
If you are a boob man? You'll love Tania's Tits!" :)
You can't see Tania's face in her profile pics, but I for sure wasn't disappointed. To me she is a beautiful girl. I'd personally rate her looks as 8/9 out of 10.
For such a young girl Tania wasn't at all shy.
Her English was also quite good, so no communication probs. She's a very friendly and welcoming girl, with a gorgeous body. She says she's a dress six 6 on her profile, but I'd personally put her closer to 8-10, which to me is no problem, lovely size.
I know that many Romanian WGs have a bad reputation, but I always seem to get lucky with them for some reason.
Got the admin out of the way to start, then used the loo to splash my boots and freshen up. Then made my way to Tania's bedroom where she was waiting for me minus the bathrobe. "Good God Those Tits!" :)

I got straight in and started French Kissing her face off, and she reciprocated big time!
We lay on the bed together still snogging and groping. I seconds my todger was rock hard!
I expertly unclipped her bra (plenty of practice! :) And her puppies just fell out, and they weren't floppy either, just gorgeous! With gorgeous nipples that I just had to lick and suck. In a very short time they were standing up like a pair of organ stops! :) I could've hung my coat on em! :) Lol.
I kicked off my boxers, and she got straight down to OWO sucking my little soldier like her life depended on it! All the way down to my nuts, as they were slapping on her chin :) Ucking Hell "Superb!"
After a while we went into 69 where I licked and sucked her pussy, and even stuck my tongue up her harris as it was so lovely and clean. This brought me very close to popping, so I had to stop her, and asked Tania to stick a mac on me. She did with her mouth! :) Nice touch.

I said to her, how would you like it first? (Doggy was my suggestion) To which she was eager to get straight onto her hands and knees.
I then slid my little fella up her, slowly to start with, (she was nice and tight even with using a bit of lube) but building up speed until I was pounding the hell out of her, and squeezing those gorgeous tits at the same time. I also gave her arse a gentle slapping as I was banging the hell out of her. She was giving out some really nice noises, not OTT noises, just the kind when you know all is going well. She was giving out these moans all the way through.
After a while of pounding her in doggy, I got her to ride me in cowgirl facing, where she rode and ground her pussy into me, while I groped her tits, she leant forward a few times to snog, and I took my turn banging her like hell whilst snogging her.
I tried my damnedest not to pop, but I just couldn't hold back. She told me not to worry as we could shag again after I'd recovered, lol I never normally pop more than once on any punt! So I was far from convinced that I'd have it in me to go again.

Well she cleaned me up, and we started kissing and groping each other again, and to my surprise my little soldier was back up and ready for action "Again!"
She rubbered me up again. I didn't want to take any chances that I may not be able to maintain my boner, so I just got Tania on her back and she opened up for me, and wrapped her legs around my waist. I then fucked her brains out like there's no tomorrow, squeezing her arse cheeks as I fucked her! :)
I never in a million years thought that I'd pop again, but she was riding in rhythm with me. My God the sex with her was just "Amazing!" I only had 10 minutes left on this 2nd shag, but as I say I fucked her, and she fucked me back so good that I "Popped" Yet Again! "Literally Fucking Amazing!" At the end I don't know who was more shagged out more, me or her.
This girl is one fantastic shag! I can't remember the last time that I have popped 2 times in 1 hour, but Tania made sure that I did. Good God she is sex on legs!

I would defo recommend her to any decent punter out there, and I will for sure return a good few more times for more of this horny girl.
This review cannot be guaranteed as 100% accurate in timings or verify any true identity and therefore may not be used for any legal account of any event actually taking place. The names have been changed to protect the innocent.
Report posted on 02:20 AM, 24-08-2017 by Tangerine man
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