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Field report for Mindy of London
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Telephone: 07531989898

Visit date: 31/8/17
The call was an Incall

Duration: One hour
Fees: 150

Recommended: Yes
Would Return: Yes

Mindy is blonde, hot and good to go. A firm body and everythingyou will need for a great night.
On the evening Mindy was wearing an unbelievably tight top and very short skirt. I just wanted to have her straight away to tell the truth. But sometimes patience is rewarded if you know what I mean. So after we stripped and did some sexy kissing she had me on my back for a massage. My muscles were all knotty and it felt so great to have that kinky girl rubbing me so good. I turned over and she gave me a very pleasant bj I must say. All the nerves under my helmet were tingling as she used the edge of her tongue on my erogenous zones it felt unbelievably good.

She asked me if I wanted a wank before we got on with the screwing, but to be honest I was so hard that it might have sent me over the top before my hour was up! I wanted to try something knew Id read about online: the Flatiron position where the girl lies on her front and you fuck her from the top down. Mindy is very open-minded and gave this a go it makes the pussy even tighter and the mutual pleasure is mind-blowing. I finished up by shagging her in the missionary position. I wanted to cum in her face but as soon as I pulled out I blew my load.
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Report posted on 11:26 PM, 31-08-2017 by HardJim
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