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Field report for DiamondxxTaniaxx of Colchester (Essex)
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Telephone: 07455387999

Visit date: One Evening in August 2017.
The call was an Incall

Duration: 1 hour
Fees: 100

Recommended: Yes
Would Return: Yes

Looks can be subjective, but IMO Tania is a very pretty girl, with a beautiful body, and a pair of tits that are absolutely "amazing" If you are a boob man? You'll love Tania!" You can't see Tania's face in her profile pics, but I for sure wasn't disappointed. She is a beautiful girl, and from what I saw in her profile pics she looks very much the girl in her pics. "Beautiful"
This isn't a review as such, but it is to contest a UKP review that was written by a punter with the profile name of; onepopwunda of UKP.

I've just read this review on UKP, written by this onepopwunda. He wrote the review in September 2017.
I saw Tania back in August 2017. And I wrote my review on my punt with her on here.

In my review on this forum, I spoke truthfully about my punt with Tania, which anyone on this forum can read. Review number; 1174.

All that I can say is this onepopwunda is talking absolute cobblers. Tania isn't a super model in the looks department IMO about 6-7 from 10, but prettier than many WGs that some punters have seen, including me.

She absolutely does French Kiss, and she also absolutely does do OWO.
The only things that he was just a little (and I do mean a little) accurate about, and that is Tania doesn't talk very much.
Sometimes, just sometimes us punters have to make an effort, and make some of the running if we want to have a good punt. We are dealing with human beings here, not friggin robots! So to get a good reaction we sometimes need to have a laugh and joke with some of the WGs, get them talking ffs!

How he can say that he might as well have shagged a bag of spuds is totally beyond me! ffs Tania was fully interactive with me, in fact as I pointed out in my review, she is the only WG who has been able to get me to pop twice in a 1 hour booking.
Yeah she's got a huge pair of tits, about 36 GG if I remember right. Many punters love a WG with huge jugs! ffs! And her dress size is only a size 6. With a stunning arse! So IMO a petite WG girl with knockers that size, and a stunning arse surely can't grumble????

How the fuck he could have reviewed her on UKP as a negative is just beyond me.
I know a couple of WGs who are friends of mine, and they've told me some stories about dirty, smelly punters. Some have crusty, cheesy stuff under their foreskins. Also some punters stink of BO, cigarettes, and, or booze.

So IMO the reason that this onepopwunda punter on UKP "Must Have Been One Of Those Dirty Bastard Punters" that ruins things for everyone else, as he was refused services that I was certainly given.

I was allowed "All" of the services that she has on her AW enjoys list, as she could see/smell that I am a clean decent punter, and clean decent punters don't very often get refused services that are on a WGs enjoys list, unless the WG is a scammer!
When I had my 2 punts (but I only reviewed one of my punts with her) with her back in August 2017, she didn't keep me waiting outside for 10 minutes, and all comms were clear, and good, and for a Romanian WG her spoken English is very good.
When I arrived at her postcode she directed me to exactly where her place was over the phone, as I couldn't find it. When I found where her place was, I told her that I had arrived, she got back to me straight away giving me her door number.

Yes she initially had a fluffy dressing gown on, but she was wearing a sexy black bra and panties set underneath.....With her huge, gorgeous tits bursting to get out! Well sexy!!

When I fucked her, she fucked along with me in rhythm, so she was absolutely fully interactive, and in no way was it like shagging a bag of spuds, as this onepopwunda states. Quite the contrary, as I say she was fully interactive!!
And Tania in no way had any clock alarm set on her phone, again as he states.
Tania fully deserved a positive review from me on Punter Chat. Again I'll say, I'm a clean decent punter, I don't lie, and I am "Always" absolutely honest in my reviews.
So as I say this onepopwunda is talking absolute cobblers! And IMO he simply "Must" be one of these dirty bastard punters who make most of us punters look bad. It's punters like him who let the side down for the rest of us clean, decent, respectful punters.

This is this onepopwunda's negative UKP review:-

Comms OK but wants a call 10 minutes before arrival which she didn't answer, parked and called again, no answer, msg still nothing. 10 minutes after meet time she calls and directs me to her flat.

Answers the door wearing a fluffy dressing gown, absolutely no effort made which was an ongoing theme for the next 30 minutes. I might aswell have shagged a bag of spuds albeit with a stunning arse and HUGE tits, and I mean HUGE :scare: :scare: :scare: Didn't watch the clock just set her phone to alarm when time was up, very plain looking and that's about all I can be arsed to write, save your money and time and have a wank, at least the conversation would be more interesting.

Read the AW field report and reverse it, utter bull**** no FK, no OWO, no personality, no effort just nothing apart from huge tits that she holds onto in case you try to steal them !!

"Absolute Bullshit!"

I for one will certainly be seeing Tania again. And again I would recommend her to any "Clean, decent, respectful punter".
This review cannot be guaranteed as 100% accurate in timings or verify any true identity and therefore may not be used for any legal account of any event actually taking place. The names have been changed to protect the innocent.
Report posted on 12:45 AM, 18-10-2017 by Tangerine man
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