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Field report for Sharon of Angels of London
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Telephone: 07900990009

Visit date: 22nd dec 1.30pm
The call was an Outcall

Duration: 1 hour
Fees: £ 350

Recommended: Yes
Would Return: Yes

Ex-model, fit fit fit! Slim, tall, sexy, perky tits and arse.
Sharon is one of the fittest girls Iíve seen from punting. When we were talking in between rounds, she told me she used to be a model which didnít surprise me so thatís how fit im talking here! Sharonís tits are incredible, shes got these amazing perky pair with nice pink nipples which she enjoys being licked and sucked ;) thereís a head up for you there fellas. Anyway, moving onto the good stuff, she arrived at mine looking hot as hell, I wanted to fuck her right in the doorway but she insisted I took a shower. To my surprise, about a couple minutes in, Sharon joins me in there and we enjoy getting wet together. She got wet in more ways than one lets just put it that way! She DFK and let me lather her up while touching her naked body all over. Then, she slowly moved downwards and gave me an amazing blow job, letting my finish on those fantastic tits. We cleaned ourselves up and dried off then went and chilled out together for a bit in my lounge. Round two came and Sharon very happily obliged with everything I put to her, getting her in all sorts of positions. My favourite was when I banged her up against the wall. She was passionately running her hands through my hair and kissing me while I grabbed her ass checks. It was a proper good session and Iíd fully recommend Sharon to everyone.
This review cannot be guaranteed as 100% accurate in timings or verify any true identity and therefore may not be used for any legal account of any event actually taking place. The names have been changed to protect the innocent.
Report posted on 09:41 AM, 24-12-2017 by JKingy
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