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Field report for Sake of Milton Keynes Escorts
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Telephone: 01908 696559

Visit date: 28/12/2017
The call was an Incall

Duration: 30 mins
Fees: 60

Recommended: Yes
Would Return: Yes

Un-retouched photos on MKE website so you can clearly see what she looks like.
Sake works both in MK (infrequently) and at the various HOD locations in London (more often). I won't give a lengthy physical description as she has undoctored photos on the MKE website so I need only confirm that what you see is what you get. The pictures are entirely accurate. The only thing you don't see on the website that is relevant is that she's unshaved (on top) although her undercarriage (lips) is shaved. As you will see from the photos, she is not a supermodel but very much a girl-next-door, even quite plain. As this is my preference I was satisfied but those looking for a "hottie" would probably look elsewhere.

Sake is well spoken and has a lovely, relaxed personality. While half-an-hour isn't really enough time to judge, my impression is that she is intelligent, has a dry sense of humour, and is quite good at judging her clients and responding to their individual needs. Based on the service she gave me, which was near perfect, she had a pretty good handle on the sort of things I was looking for. I don't know if she does PSE but she does GFE brilliantly.

When she came into the room, after a few introductory words we simply started making out standing up. This started as fairly conservative kissing but within a few minutes had progressed to tongues and then reasonably DFK, extending to stroking/touching each other through clothes. It was about as "girlfriend" as a professional GFE can get: no fake working girl speak; just a very relaxed, intimate encounter.

From here, she dropped to her knees and undid my belt and jeans, giving me very good oral. I honestly can't remember if it was "with" or "without" but I'm pretty sure it was without as I recall putting on a condom later in the booking (I don't really care which way oral is given so I don't pay much attention to that). After an enjoyable few minutes, I returned the favour, which was when I first became (pleasantly) aware that she had a bush. She was clean, sexy and responsive and in so far as there were plenty of muscular contractions and wetness, she appeared to be enjoying it.

After that, sex, during which she remained responsive and flexible. I guess we went through a couple of somewhat creative positions before ending up in missionary, both of us seemingly getting into the encounter. Oddly, this was one of my anorgasmic days and I didn't come but that was absolutely no reflection on Sake...just the way my body works sometimes.

For my money, Sake gave me as good a GFE as I've had in years. Outstanding service and she's likely to become one of the very few girls I will see more than once. She's low key, genuine, sexy in a really grown-up, female way and nicely self-assured in a world full of fakes. If this review reflects the sort of girl you think you would enjoy then I would highly recommend her.
This review cannot be guaranteed as 100% accurate in timings or verify any true identity and therefore may not be used for any legal account of any event actually taking place. The names have been changed to protect the innocent.
Report posted on 10:52 PM, 01-01-2018 by Warsaw
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