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Field report for RedFox_xRach of Earls Colne, Essex.
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Telephone: No.available via her AW e-mail

Visit date: An Evening in November
The call was an Incall

Duration: 1 hour, but no rush.
Fees: 120

Recommended: Yes
Would Return: Yes

Rachael is a decent looking lady. Although looks are always subjective, I would personally rate her looks at 6/10.
Where do I start? :) Well I met Rachael at the hotel that she was staying in at the time. I don't as a rule go for red heads, but there was this little devil in me saying; Go on give one! I just had a good feeling about her, as well as doing research on her, so I decided to go for it! Lol:)

I met Rachel at the hotel where she was staying at that time, she even came to meet me at the side door of the hotel bless her :)

We started off chatting to each other, and just went with the flow, and telling her my cheesy jokes :) as I find that this tends to work well when seeing a lovely young lady for the first time.

She led me to her room, which was a down stairs room. I walked in, and took a look, it was enormous! I would personally call it the Emperor's Suite. It must be the biggest room that I've ever seen a WG in! Nice clean and tidy

I could have had a shower before we started, but I'd only just showered prior to leaving home, and I don't live too far away from where Rachael was staying.

I was slightly late (only about 5 minutes or so) due to a mix up earlier in the day, but Rachael was very kind and understanding about it.

As stated above, looks are always subjective, Rachael is no super model in the looks department, so I rated her at what I felt about 6/10.
But if we put looks to one side, I found Rachael to be really nice, friendly, and certainly not a shy lady. She's got her age on her AW profile as 34, but in all honesty I would never have her down as that age, she looked closer to 24 than 34 to me.

Well it's certainly true with Rachael anyway, as to what is said that with age comes experience, and with Rachael this certainly the case in that regard.
Got the paperwork out of the way asap. (brain like a suive) A bit of chit chat, then straight into the action, FK, leading to DFK, loadsa sensual build up, and asked her about the do's and don'ts, which was fine as she said ok to everything that I wanted "Yummy!" :)
Loadsa deep french kissing, stroking/fondling, and grappling with her skimpies, which she ended up almost removing everything herself apart from her bra, which I'm a bit of an expert at removing :)

So tits out, and me gently suckling on her erect nipples, with Rachael making some very nice, just right soft moaning noises. I asked her to sit on my face so that I could taste the nectar of her lovely smooth shaven haven.
I started by gently licking her clitoris, then slipped my tongue deep into her by now very wet pussy.
She allowed fingers, so I gently rubbed her crotch on the outside of her skimpies, until I could feel her moistening up Yummy! :) I gradually slid my hand inside of her skimpies and gently stroked her clitoris with a finger, her moaning noises continued but in no way OTT.

All of the time we were snogging each others faces off, and I ended up with my finger deep inside of her pussy. I rotated the french kissing into sucking her nipples whilst giving her pussy a good fingering.

After a while I could tell that she was gagging to be fucked, "And I Was Gagging To Fuck Her!" :) Lol

On with the mac, and she mounted me in cowgirl facing. She started moving up and down on my todger slowly, increasing the tempo until she was shagging me stupid! Good God! It was brilliant! she twisted and turned, and ground herself onto my todger for quite some time, until I suggested that I fuck her doggystyle.
She got onto her hands and knees, where I the proceeded to fuck her, slowly to start with, but increased the tempo until I was pounding the arse off her, giving her bum a few gentle slaps as I fucked her.

I wasn't sure how long I would last with all of this, so I asked Rachael to lay on her back so that I could fuck her in missionary. She was happy to oblige, as she was with everything else.

I climbed aboard, and pushed my todger into her by now very wet pussy, slowly to start with but gradually increasing the tempo until again I was shagging her senseless! She was pushing herself into me in rhythm. Totally interactive! Bloody Heavenly! :)
Sufficed to say she was making the gentle moaning noises all of the time that we were shagging, which really was telling me that she was loving it! Great!! If she was acting? She deserves a feckin Oscar! :)

I pumped away at her pussy until I could feel the sap rising, and shot a massive load into the mac! :) That was me completely spent lol. But "My God" she was a Fantastic Shag!!

I'm defo gonna have some more of this randy little lady!

Would I recommend her? Absolutely

Would I see her again? Try keeping me away! :)
This review cannot be guaranteed as 100% accurate in timings or verify any true identity and therefore may not be used for any legal account of any event actually taking place. The names have been changed to protect the innocent.
Report posted on 11:52 PM, 28-11-2017 by Tangerine man
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