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Field report for Meta of London
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Telephone: 07907900666

Visit date: 15th dec 9.30pm
The call was an Outcall

Duration: 1 hour
Fees: £ 200

Recommended: No
Would Return: No

Bad skin, too skinny, looked drunk and rough.
Absolutely awful experience and would not recommend. I donít usually not recommend these girls but this one was crap. First off she showed up at mine 2 hours late looking dishevelled and untidy. I think sheíd be drinking, yeah itís the festive season but thatís no excuse to act sloppy! THEN she had the audacity to tell me my flat smelt funny? It was cleaned before she came over so I donít know what that was about. The whole time we were at it she seemed bored and disinterested, like she couldnít wait to go home. This isnít what I punt for. Oh and also she just wasnít that attractive because shes quite thin and her skin is spotty. Might sound harsh but honesty is the best policy!
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Report posted on 05:28 PM, 17-12-2017 by JKingy
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