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Field report for Michelle of Annabellas Escorts - Milton Keynes
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Telephone: 01908711821

Visit date: 12 April 2018
The call was an Incall

Duration: 1 hour
Fees: 120

Recommended: Yes
Would Return: Yes

Petite, long dark hair, slim.
I've reviewed Michelle once before but it's been quite a while since then and I think it's probably useful for visitors to this site to have an up to date one....

I've been seeing Michelle fairly regularly for probably three years now so it's probably fair to say that I "recommend" her and "would see again" :)

I booked to see Michelle four days before the actual day. Annabellas uses a number of locations throughout Central Milton Keynes. The system is to phone on the morning between 10 and 10.30 to confirm the booking and get the location. Today it was an apartment I've visited before - located in what was presumably originally built as an office block but is now apartments though you wouldn't know to look at it. There's plenty of (chargeable) car parking here, and a free supermarket car park a few minutes walk away (I used the latter).

Entry to the block is by the usual intercom/buzzer release and then up to the apartment. I knocked on the door and was greeted by Michelle wearing one of her stunning outfits, and her usual very high heels which makes her look really tall - although she isn't. Unusually today she was wearing full make up and lippy which must have made her look a little different from what I was expecting because she commented on my look of surprise :)

Once I had got ready in the room, she returned with my glass of water and we started to get friendly. DFK followed (and the lippy was soon smeared over her face and mine!), then me bending her over the bed and spanking her lovely arse. As I have mentioned before, one of the things that attracts me to Michelle is her submissive side (and also her playful attitude to everything). She doesn't take things too seriously but is a very enthusiastic participant in spanking games (both ways) and appears to enjoy having her breasts slapped and nipples pulled.

After a good session of spanking her - with intermittent reverse oral and fingering her tight arsehole, the roles were reversed and I lay face down on the bed for some body to body, spanking, licking, kissing - well, you get the picture.

Time was running out by now so Michelle asked me if I "wanted to have sex". Sometimes I go for finishing off with oral (CIM but no swallow is on offer), but today I opted for cowgirl. After I came, Michelle cleaned me up - even getting some sort of make-up remover to make sure all traces of lipstick had come off my face - and wherever else. Whilst I was dressing she repaired her make-up a bit - but not the full works - commenting that by the end of the day she would probably leave it off completely.

As a regular, I just leave the paperwork on the bedside table when I get undressed and it magically disappears :) From memory, when I saw her the first few times she was quite happy to deal with it at the start or the end..

And yes - I will see her again.
This review cannot be guaranteed as 100% accurate in timings or verify any true identity and therefore may not be used for any legal account of any event actually taking place. The names have been changed to protect the innocent.
Report posted on 03:43 PM, 12-04-2018 by tom1956
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