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Field report for Lydia of Intimate Massage - Bedford
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Telephone: 01234350036

Visit date: 30/05/2016 12.45pm
The call was an Incall

Duration: 30 minutes
Fees: 70

Recommended: No
Would Return: No

medium height, soft skin , fake large boobs
Booked Lydia today for half an hour,she used to work in one of the parlor in Northampton, the receptionist sent me in a dodgy looking small room to wait, then wait for around 15 minutes she sent me in a room 2 which was nice and decent.

Lydia arrive in another 5 minutes , no apology was offered,I was taking a shower and I offer her to join which she said yes, after joining in she said I dont want my hair to get wet, then we have to come out and straight into bed, dont know why she didn't said this initially , strange.

Then into bed, when I started kissing her boobs she said , my shave is irritating her skin and I should have come in clean shave to see her , which was quite rude.

I requested her to massage my back, she literally didn't used any oil and was constantly watching the clock.

When I up for oral , she said I'm not doing this dirty thing, then in few minutes she started to do oral, we gone through the time , it was all in all very bad experience, I think her mind was not there and I don't know why she's in this business.

She'll be very good for someone who just wanna pay and probably see her body, complete waste of time and a money.
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Report posted on 07:08 PM, 30-05-2016 by mklover
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