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Field report for Ryna_belle of Colchester (Essex)
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Telephone: See Link

Visit date: 03/06/2016
The call was an Incall

Duration: 1 hour
Fees: 130

Recommended: Yes
Would Return: Yes

Very pretty. Looks are subjective, but IMO very pretty 9/10
Ryna's rates are clearly stated on her profile. 90 for basic service. 20 extra for OWO & CIM +20 extra for Anal.
So the total amount that I paid was 130.

On this occasion I went for the Full Monty! Which is 10 over the top of my usual punting budget, but oh so worth every penny!

Ok, from the beginning.

I parked my car on a nearby road,.There are parking restrictions in the area, but it was evening time, so it was safe to park without the worries of getting a parking fine. There is an NCP car park nearby, but expensive, so I always go there in the evenings to avoid having to pay the extortionate NCP parking charges. The railway station is approximately half a mile away.

I already knew the address, and the code for the door, so I easily found my way there, and in.

I felt perfectly safe. At no point did I feel that anyone was watching.

Ryna was waiting for me, with the door slightly ajar. I had asked her on the phone on my way to her, if she could surprise me and wear either a French Maid, or a School Girl uniform.

I walked in very quietly so as not to disturb her neighbours. You need to be very quiet as it's very easy for the neighbours to hear. Ryna closed the door behind me, I removed my shoes, as her place is spotlessly clean. I looked up to see this statuesk figure of a girl that was absolutely knock out "Gorgeous!" She was wearing the French Maids uniform, and had very high heeled shoes on, which she kept on throughout the duration of my time with her, as I think it's either because she's very short, or like many women, they love their shoes, personally I didn't give a hoot about her height, she is such a delightful girl.

I could have had a shower, but I had only just had one before I left home, so I was good to go.

I asked to use the bathroom to have a pee, and wash my hands. Her bathroom is also spotlessly clean, with plenty of hot water soap, and clean towels. Ryna was waiting in the bedroom for me. I dispensed with the admin as quickly as possible, I prefer to do this as I forget.

She nipped into another room to stash the cash, and was back within seconds. In absolutely no time at all we were entwined inwhat can only be described as "Heaven!" I can honestly say that I "Have Never Been Kissed" like this by any woman before "Ever!" I thought she was going to suck the life out of me!! My tongue was sore when I left lol.

The DFK never relented all of the time throughout the time I was with her, I'm a real lover of DFK, so you can imagine how much I enjoyed this!

I licked, sucked, and squeezed her beautiful breasts, which I thought were natural, only for her to tell me at the end of my time with her that they are enhanced. You would never have known, as she didn't complain about me being very enthusiastic with them, by sucking, licking, and groping them. There were no signs at all of any scarring whatsoever, whoever did the enhancements did a very good job!

So we moved to the bed where upon I stripped off, Ryna wasted no time, she went straight down to my tackle and licked sucked, and Deep throated me! OMG Heaven!! She sucked my balls really well, gently but very sensually.

After quite some time of this I told her that I just had to taste her, she said to me 69? I smiled and said whatever you would like sweetheart, I was at her mercy :)

I tried to remove her Maids uniform, but I didn't have a clue! Lol. She just pulled it straight off, it was one of those all in ones.
When it came off she revealed her size 8 angelic body to me! God what a Gorgeous sight!!

We then proceeded to lick and suck each other.

She was "Absolutely!" Spotlessly clean, her pussy was as smoothe as a baby's bottom. Her labia is a little larger than many of other SPs that I've seen, not massive, just perfect, as I do like a nice labia on a woman. She tasted soooo sweet, "Nectar!" And she smelt divine.

Well we were at this for quite some time, and I'm sure that she was enjoying it as much as me (hopefully? lol)

Oh boy can this girl Deep Throat!

I had to stop her before it all ended too soon, she was that intense. I told her that I had to fuck her, she smiled and said what position would I like? I told her; Ryna I'm happy to do whatever you wish sweetheart, I was putty in her hands! Lol

So she covered me up, and mounted me cowgirl facing.

Well she rode me like crazy! She had soooo much energy, and enthusiasm beyond "Belief!" She twisted, and ground herself into me, I didn't need to move a muscle, apart from pushing myself into her to get in as much as possible! After a while she asked me to fuck her in doggy style, I was happy to oblige ��lol

God could she take a pounding! I pounded away at her for all I was worth.

She then asked me to fuck her in missionary. How could I refuse! ��lol I continued to pound away at her. By this time her pussy was absolutely soaked.

Now for the icing on the cake. I asked her whether she would be ok with anal? To my amazement she said yes that's fine, but it is extra (20) I happily agreed.

Now I had been doing some anal play on her earlier, by trying to get one of my fingers into her bottom, but it felt soooo tight! I could never have imagined getting my todger in there!! But she lubed herself up and she guided me into her in doggy style. I then proceeded to pound her like "Crazy!" I could tell that she was Loving it! ��lol

She then got me to lay onto my back and mounted me in cowgirl, again I fucked her anally until I felt the inevitable rising. I told her that I was about to pop, so she dismounted, pulled off the mac, and sucked me like mad until I popped my whole load into her mouth OMG "Heaven!"

She then spat out into a wet wipe, and went into the bathroom to wash her mouth out, while I cleaned myself up with wet wipes.

We only had about 10 minutes left of my hour, so we lay there chatting, kissing and drinking the wine, albeit her English
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Report posted on 06:56 PM, 04-06-2016 by Tangerine man
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