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Field report for Katie of GFE Massage - Bury
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Telephone: 0161 7640218

Visit date: March
The call was an Incall

Duration: 30min
Fees: 55

Recommended: Yes
Would Return: No

5'6 brunette, small boobs, gorgeous face, *amazing* arse.
So... I've been back on it again this week. Three days into the week and I have seen 6 different girls already. I need to do some catching up from a reporting point of view, so here goes with my (probably) most anticipated punt of the week.

Katey is a new brunette at GFE, facially very pretty, with small yet perfectly pert boobs and an absolute humdinger of an arse.

I had been keen to see her for about a week, as I saw her in reception on her first shift in Bury last Tuesday. Very good looking girl. She's well spoken, with a slight, yet distinctive accent. Still ticking all the buttons.

I had just come out of an (amazing!) 45 minute booking with Sophie and after catching my breath in reception with a coke and a chat I decided to go back in with Katey for seconds.

The service started out really well, RO was offered and accepted. Not entirely sure it was enjoyed, but she made some appreciative noises, so I hope for the best. Her oral technique was unusual, sort of a "suck it for 2 seconds then wank it and look at it for 10 seconds" approach. It didn't really do it for me.
Sex was equally unusual. She rode me cowgirl for a bit, before suggesting doggy. This to be honest was the thing I was most looking forward to, as she has such an amazing bottom.

Either I was too big, or the angle was wrong, but she was constantly squirming around on the bed. I just could not get any kind of rhythm going whatsoever.

I think there genuinely is a great time to be had with Katey, but my luck just wasn't in that day.

As with Elle from Sandys, I would book her again on the strength of her looks, just to see if the service improved the second time around. If the level of service remained the same, I would probably not book her again.
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Report posted on 05:34 PM, 17-06-2016 by Morethanmost
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