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Field report for Lilly of Brooklyn's, Crewe
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Telephone: 01270 215 600

Visit date: 27/6/2016
The call was an Incall

Duration: 30 mins
Fees: 40

Recommended: No
Would Return: No

5'5", brunette hair, large natural bust, slim
I've been a satisfied, weekly regular at Brooklyn's for approx 8 months now, so I was curious when new girl Lilly arrived, especially since the advert on Brooklyn's page described a 'wow, wow, wow' 19 year old porn star in the making.

When Lilly walked into the room, she didn't acknowledge me, didn't greet me, and went to straight to corner where the babywipes and condoms were kept. Slightly taken aback by the negative vibe she'd immediately brought to the room, I asked her name, just to cofirm that was indeed Lilly. She said, 'Yes' then gave me a cold, blank look, before continuing to do whatever she was doing in the corner.
wow, wow, wow, this was a far cry from the usual energetic, friendly, sassy and chatty girls I see at Brooklyns.
I sat on the bed, Lilly sat on the bed, stared at me again with that cold, unnerving face that made me feel like I'd done something very wrong. I could feel my penis shrinking with every second.
Then came the first blow. No, I'm not talking BJ. The blow that she wouldn't allow me to give her oral or put my fingers anywhere near her vagina. "Oh!" I said, pausing in contemplation of what might follow.
By now, Lilly's, what can I describe it as?...."resting bitch face" was putting me off and, for the first time ever, I felt the urge to just leave the premises.
Lilly took my penis and began to stroke it to erection. It took a while, then she slipped on a condom and have a slow, distinterested BJ.
Then she hopped on top, then mish, then doggy. This is when I became thankful that she's refused me giving her oral because the smell became almost unbearable.
This whole dreary, sad, waste of 40 came with Lilly sitting at my side giving me a slow, lazy, couldn't care less hand job, while she admired herself in the mirror on the wall. I looked at her lips, they were nice, and I smiled. "Something funny??"She asked, in a terse, almost antagonising Liverpudlian accent.
"No," I replied, and reached a seriously anti-climatic climax.
I jumped off the bed, got dressed and vowed never to return. The door to the establishment was slammed behind me.

I hate writing negative reviews, especially against an establishment where I've enjoyed the company of so many wonderful women. Lilly is young and inexperienced, too inexperienced to be working at Brooklyn's.

Time to find a new parlour.
This review cannot be guaranteed as 100% accurate in timings or verify any true identity and therefore may not be used for any legal account of any event actually taking place. The names have been changed to protect the innocent.
Report posted on 08:22 AM, 28-06-2016 by scoobydooby
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