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Field report for Jessy_Jesikka of Northampton - Ibis Hotel
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Telephone: 07378447691

Visit date: 15th October 2017 - 10:00 am
The call was an Incall

Duration: 30 Minutes
Fees: 60

Recommended: No
Would Return: No

Unkept, in dressing gown, no makeup.. definitely does not look like her profile pictures, and just woken up.

Against my best judgement I decided to visit an independent Romanian lady based on a few good feedbacks on her adultwork profile.

I should have seen the warning signs, which were one negative on her profile and her abrupt and sometimes rude manor on the phone but decided to give it a go.

Well it was disaster from when I arrived at the hotel, her English was not great and communication problems became evident from the start, I could not understand her instructions to the lift, to which she then came out to me and I was flabbergasted that she was only wearing her dressing gown, no make up, did not get ready at all. I felt very embarrassed and I should have done a Usian Bolt, however just to show how powerful sexual urges are... I followed her from entrance to her bedroom. I was very embarrassed because i am sure everyone was staring at use because of the state of her undress, she didn't seem to care

What I saw was a mess of a room, which was unmade bed, things thrown around the room, my gosh what a disaster.

I had originally asked her for just kissing and oral, straight away she said she does not do any kissing, ok what about oral I retorted?
She started to be rude and said I am asking for too much kissing, oral... I felt so silly knowing I was being taken for a ride, :dash: as I have been punting for a long time and have been doing well in seeing great ladies all over the UK, and also doing the right amount of research and the amount of experience I have.
I suppose no matter how much knowledge, experience and success in the past you have, their are very bad moments like this on.

I then had to swallow the bitter pill and realise that I was being robbed :unknown:

What transpired was her putting a condom on me and trying to give very heart hearted oral and then in her own language and swearing under her breath.

I asked for some of my money back and said I can leave several times, to which she declined. :dash:

She was extremely rude, aggressive and to be honest I thought just get out of there "60.00" down before I degrade myself and lose whatever dignity and respect I have for myself... I believe if I was to protest further she would use whatever means necessary... I just thought I got robbed of 60,00 just leave it as that and write a report based on this horrid experience... "and here I am"

Probably the worst experience of my life ever... this has put me off seeing Romanian girls for a long long time. Due to this experience I can see why this community has a very bad name when it comes to taking your money and offering essentially nothing in return, I am sticking to what I know best "English Girls only".

If I can give offer any safe and sage advice or do the public any justice...Please Avoid this lady at all cost!!! :manhater:

However if you like being robbed in broad daylight, treated very rudely and abruptly without any services being delivered then go right ahead.
This review cannot be guaranteed as 100% accurate in timings or verify any true identity and therefore may not be used for any legal account of any event actually taking place. The names have been changed to protect the innocent.
Report posted on 11:22 AM, 15-10-2017 by
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