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Field report for Vicky_18 of Maryland, London
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Telephone: 07432442343

Visit date: One day in December 2017.
The call was an Incall

Duration: 2 hours
Fees: 160

Recommended: Yes
Would Return: Yes

Vicky is exactly as her AW pics show, nothing at all fake, or photoshopped. Definite dress size 8, with 34C boobs that are in good proportion to her body size.
I know that I've reviewed Vicky 3 times before, but I've been requested by some other punters to write another review. I thought that after seeing her 20 times that she deserved another more recent review anyway.

I arranged this last booking to see Vicky about 2 weeks ago, in advance, as I wanted to see her for an extended period rather than my usual 1 hour booking as it's nearly Christmas.
I thought that I'd be held up in traffic at this time of the year, so I left home earlier than usual. I arrived about 10 minutes early, sod's law!
As it turned out Vicky was already ready, and waiting for me to arrive, it wasn't any problem at all for Vicky.

I'd got her a couple of prezzies for Christmas, which she was over the moon about, bless her :)
I parked my car right outside of her front door, sent her a text to let her know that I'd arrived, and she came down to her front door to meet me, and let me in.
As soon as I got in, and she closed her front door, she threw her arms around me and kissed me, she was smiling all over, and it showed that she was very pleased to see me. :)
I followed her upstairs to her flat, gazing at her gorgeous legs and bum as I followed her up the stairs, so I was already horny before I even got into her bedroom.
I sorted the paperwork out with her just before I used the bathroom to splash my boots, and freshen up. I nearly pissed all over the ceiling! :) Lol.
Her bathroom is basic, but clean with plenty of hot water and clean towels.

I came out of the bathroom into the living room/kitchen area, and Vicky's sister Nicole, and another girl (a friend) were there. I've met them before, and I've punted with Vicky's sister Nicole first, before I knew/first met Vicky.

I don't know what the other girl does for a living, possibly an escort? I didn't bother to ask, she's not the type that I'd personally go for anyway, bit of a munter :) but a nice enough person.
Nicole is a lovely girl herself, but she's a bit on the small side for me personally, dress size 4, and less than 5ft tall, so she would probably be a good punt for those who like the tiny WGs. Vicky is a dress size 8, which for me is perfect! But both Vicky and Nicole are both pretty girls IMO.

Nicole (Vicky's 21 year older sister) although she's tiny, she's quite pretty, and she wasn't a bad punt too, but I prefer Vicky.

Ok, so after the hello's, and niceties I went into Vicky's bedroom. Now this was where I wasn't too comfortable, as it was stifling hot in Vicky's bedroom, she had the central heating on full blast! Too bloody hot for me! I asked her to turn the heating down, and open a bloody window, which to her credit she did. Phew! :)
Over the many bookings that I've had with Vicky I have pestered her to quit smoking, apart from the very first time that I punted with Vicky she used to smell of cigarettes, but after the first time with her she stopped, and didn't smell of cigarettes anymore. Also I'd bought her a cheap vapour puffer a couple of months ago, which she now uses all of the time, and now she doesn't smoke "anymore at all" Result! :)
I'd booked to see her for two hours this time, so no rush for anything at all. So started off by Vicky opening the presents that I'd bought for her (not expensive) which she was delighted at! :) This set the mood for the rest of the time that I was with her. I got her laughing, and singing, and we even had a little dance together.
So lads, here's something completely different. Vicky wanted to tart me up, and sort of tried to do me up as a woman! Ffs! Great laugh :) She put a wig on me, and put loads of women's make up on me! No women's clothing apart from a pair of long white gloves! Well it is Christmas, and I'm always game for a bit of fun. She was loving it! Lol She got me to go out into the living room to show her sister and her friend, I went along with it all acting the fool! :)
Anyway, show over, and we went back to Vicky's bedroom where we danced and drank some wine, before we started very slowly getting amorous with each other. We fell onto the bed, which is a nice size double bed, and very clean. She's recently had the flat re-decorated, so it looks much nicer in there.
We started French Kissing, she doesn't usually do French Kissing as some punters aren't very clean orally, but she knows me very well, and she knows that I'm always very clean. Good hygiene is very high up on Vicky's priorities, as she's spotlessly clean herself.
Vicky was wearing a very tasteful black and white flimsy dress, with a skimpy bra and panties set underneath.

Our clothes came off very quickly, where we lay on the bed wrapped around each other kissing and licking everywhere.

I got her to sit on my face, where I gently licked and sucked at her pussy/clit for ages! I could have stayed eating her pussy out for the entire booking as she tasted so dammed nice.

After sometime of eating her pussy, Vicky then started to give me OWO, I was rock hard by this stage! I could see her sucking me off in the mirror which is strategically placed at the bottom of her bed, OMG heavenly!! She does give some lovely BJs IMO, and at times she used no hands, it wasn't quite DT but still non the less very nice, and quite sloppy. She loves sucking clean todgers.

We then went into 69, OMG having Vicky suck my todger whilst I was eating, and licking her pussy out is stuff of dreams! Absolutely divine! :)
Then onto the sex. I'd taught Vicky how to put a mac on with her mouth, which she now does expertly, and without being asked.
Once the mac was on I got Vicky to mount me CG, she wanted doggy. but I told her not to be impatient as I would shag her in doggy later! :) Lol, it was all in good heart and humour.
She slid my todger inside of her beautiful tight, lubed up pussy and rode me like crazy, until she eventually orgasmed, saying; I finish! Cum in other words Lol. I've told her how she needs to say it in English, which she's learning to do bit by bit :)
This review cannot be guaranteed as 100% accurate in timings or verify any true identity and therefore may not be used for any legal account of any event actually taking place. The names have been changed to protect the innocent.
Report posted on 02:42 AM, 24-12-2017 by Tangerine man
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