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Field report for Tyra & Cindy of Sheridans Salford
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Telephone: 0161 737 9666

Visit date: Mid April 2018
The call was an Incall

Duration: 30
Fees: 65 inc owo

Recommended: Yes
Would Return: Yes

Both ladies wore parlour skimps, Tyra wore stockings and Cindy wore thigh boots.

I've been busy week this, because I thought we might be under nuclear attack by the weekend and better spend some money fast. Anyway, by Friday I was up to 5 ladies and thinking that it would be nice to get it up to 7 and make it a different wg for each day of the week. So today, I noticed two of my favourite ladies at Sheridans were both on the rota together, rang up and hey presto managed to get a booking.

I have seen both Tyra and Cindy a fair few times and know what superstar performers they are individually, but I was curious to see how they performed together. Best move I've made in a while, these two beautiful women were definitely up for showing me a good time, all smiley and friendly and "where do you want us Rob", "on your knees ladies, both sucking on my cock". What a great start to a punt, pillows on the floor, two babes staring up at me giving me loads of attention to my little fella, cock and balls and all of the nether regions, my best friend was standing to attention immediately.

"Next ladies, get your bums up in the air" and they duly obliged so I could finger each of their lovely pussies ready for a good shagging. "Who wants it first?" Cindy drew the short straw, so I was giving her a really good bang in doggy whilst fingering lovely Tyra at the same time. I love seeing this in porn movies and wanted to have a better memory to take away, rather than see it on a screen.

Onto the next, "ok girls, give me a good snog at both ends", the ladies knew exactly what to do. One sucking on my dick and balls and that little bit behind, whilst the other was DFK me, really well. "Bloody hell", I kept telling 'em, "I'm in heaven" and they kept telling me to shut up! hahaha
All change and Cindy went down with some of her magic skills and Tyra snogged my face off. Two beautiful young women, full of smiles and wonderful attitude, a couple of real babes.

Onto some serious mish with Tyra, while Cindy gives me an incredible horny display of what she does for kicks on her own, wow, it's much better than porn this.
I brought my own KS condoms and we must have used nearly a whole shipment, as there was a lot of serious shagging going on. Cindy on top, Tyra on her back, girls displaying their sexy bodies and doing what girls like to do. Love it, perfect for making me feel like a youngster again.

Tyra and Cindy giving me a vigorous hand job with loads of DFK, I really couldn't ask for anymore. Lisa, who was on the desk, even dropped by to say hello and check that I was still breathing, hahaha.

Another great afternoon out, couldn't really go wrong with either of these two ladies.
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Report posted on 11:57 PM, 15-04-2018 by Robert44
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