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Field report for AirHostessEscort of Manchester
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Telephone: 07784 063 715

Visit date: 13/5/16 @9 pm
The call was an Incall

Duration: 1 hour
Fees: 160

Recommended: Yes
Would Return: Yes

Attractive brunettes, tall and slender, fantastic figure.

Jemma Airhostess of AW

One hour in-call @160

I met Jemma in an up market hotel in Manchester city centre. All comms were by text. I rang her first and got a reply to text back. Her comms were very good and she even sent some pics of her in outfits I might like. I asked her to be bare legged, no stockings in slutty heels and wearing a Saturday night out to thrill outfit. Got clear instructions to her room and found it easy with no problems getting past reception. When she opened the door I was a little disappointed, she's an attractive woman, no doubt about that, early thirties and slender but she was dressed in a business like manner. We went through the usual, chat, drinks, cash and I warmed to her, she's easy going, chatty and relaxed. She gave me a little taster snog just before I went off and had a shower and I got the feeling straight away this could be good. As I came out she went in so I laid back on the massive bed and got myself comfy. My cock was already getting hard and thankfully she was only in there for a couple of minutes. Well when she came out my jaw hit the floor. She was now wearing a little black number that was sort of all stringy hiding very little and slutty killer heels, the sort that show a lot of the foot. The dress barely covered any thing and her body is fantastic. Slender and curvy with great but not overly big false tits and the longest legs you could imagine. In heels she's tall, 5'10 or so. She sauntered over and joined me on the bed but I asked her to have a walk around so I could get a good look of her. She was bob on how I wanted her to look, sexy, slutty and glam, she is fucking fit. I watched her for a few seconds but I couldn't keep my hands off her and I was soon running them up and down her fit body as she French kissed me.

We fell on the bed snogging, licking and sucking each other. She gives very good OWO with ball licking and sucking, loads of eye contact and dirty talk. Her mouth felt wonderfully warm as she skilfully pleasured my cock. Her pussy was clean and shaven and very wet and her juices were all over my face as she orgasmed in 69, after which she licked them off me. We moved onto protected sex, romping around in all positions. I would describe it as frantic, intense and energetic. Great view of her tight arse and long long legs with those slutty heels as I ploughed into her from behind. I had her by the hair at one point and she arched her back up so we could snog as we fucked. Finally ending up in mish and she wrapped her legs round me pulling me in deeper till I could hold on no longer and I splaffed into the condom. She did a neat little trick of pulsating her pussy round my cock as I came.

Had a few minutes chat, then a shower and with a snog goodbye I was on my way. The walk back to the car was the type when you float your way there.
To sum up. I really did enjoy my time with this lady. She looked the part and gave it her all in the action department. She really gets into the sex and I came away quite warm and fuzzy.

This is one I definetly hope to see again.
This review cannot be guaranteed as 100% accurate in timings or verify any true identity and therefore may not be used for any legal account of any event actually taking place. The names have been changed to protect the innocent.
Report posted on 10:19 PM, 14-05-2016 by Border Terrier
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